Telegram Desktop reaches version 1.0 – and it's BEAUTIFUL

Telegram was available for desktops and laptops since 2013. Today it finally graduates to version 1.0 with a fabulous new design.

Consistent material design, great animations, and support for custom themes make Telegram for Windows, Mac, and Linux the tool for messaging from your Mac or PC.

This is what Telegram Desktop 1.0 looks like:

Login Screen

Your Chats

Smooth animations are now everywhere:

Custom Themes

If you're looking for an alternative design, Telegram Desktop also supports customized themes. Anyone can make a theme for Telegram Desktop. This theme, for example, changes green outgoing messages to blue:

And here’s a third-party night mode theme:

What Else Makes Telegram Desktop Cool?

The best thing about Telegram Desktop is that it automatically syncs messages from your phone with your computer using Telegram’s encrypted cloud. Just install it and log in to your account! All your messages, documents, photos and videos will be synced for you from the secure cloud.

Thanks to Cloud Drafts, you can even start typing on your phone, then continue on your desktop when you reach home or work.

Who needs email now? Telegram Desktop is many times faster and handles attachments like a pro. Just share your with those who want to reach you.

January 11, 2017
The Telegram Team

P.S. For desktop experiences, we also have Telegram Web and Telegram Mac, but our founder insists that Telegram Desktop is the way to go on all platforms.

P.P.S. If you're looking for an easy way to get your emails right in Telegram, check out this Gmail bot. Helps one to stay in touch with those who insist on using antique methods of communication.

Unsend Messages, Network Usage, and More

Happy new 2017! We hope everybody had a great celebration. We at Telegram certainly did. One of our engineers got so excited about the new year that he mistakenly shared these stickers with his Mom:


To fix this, he quickly added a way to unsend recently sent messages. This smart move saved his morning, and it can still save yours! If you use Telegram v.3.16, you can now unsend any weird messages you shared within the last 48 hours.

Works in groups and PM

Naturally, this isn‘t a one-time feature. After this update, you’ll be able to retract any messages within 48 hours of sending them. Take that, Friday nights!

Network usage

The holiday season is in high swing in many parts of the world, so we figured some of you folks are busy traveling. If that's the case, you may want to check out the new Network Usage section that shows exactly how much data you consumed while in roaming or wi-fi or whatever.

Data and Storage

Network Usage

Don't forget to hop on the hotel wifi before any serious Telegramming in foreign lands. And remember that you can toggle automatic media download in Telegram Settings. Links

This is the perfect season to meet new people. Want to give them some contact information, but a phone number seems like too much? That's exactly the reason we added usernames and links waaay back in 2014.

Starting today, you can use instead of Take a napkin, write in no time, and give it to someone before they can get away!

This also works with channels:
Public groups:
And stickers:

Android Developers Never Sleep

85% of Telegram users are on Android. Our CEO is worried that, if ignored, this Android population can start a rebellion and dethrone him. To please the mob, he made us introduce the following features to the Android app:

  • Messages from one sender are now neatly grouped together, and scrolling up shows the date right away, making the chats easier to navigate.
  • The app now restores your previous scroll position when you switch back to a chat. Very useful when somebody sends you a saga in 1,000 messages, and you want to patiently read them in the right order.

That's the date up there

  • Sharing files (a feature we had since forever) has become easier because you see a list of recently downloaded files right on the sharing screen.

Recently downloaded files

  • We now support GBoard, the Google keyboard that can apparently send cat GIFs.
  • And for those 2 users that already have Android 7.1 installed, we are happy to announce that we've added a fast action menu with frequent chats to your home screen. All hail the early adopters!
  • Back to the important stuff: the cowboy, the clown, and the sick face emoji (also known as the ‘exfoliating green tea mask face’ emoji) have found their way to Android. We support all of them now.

New emoji

What do these emoji mean? When are you supposed to use them? Is the singular form of ‘emoji’ in fact ‘emojus’? To answer all these questions with utmost accuracy, we've also added support for this one:

January 3, 2017
The Telegram Team

Meet the Telegraph API for Logins and Stats

Last month, we launched, a minimalist publishing tool that allows you to create richly formatted posts and push them to the Web in just a click.

We tried to keep Telegraph‘s interface as simple as possible: there’s no need to log in or navigate menus. You just open, write your post, hit publish, and it's live.

Yes, it's that simple

Better with Bots

This simplicity has its price of course. Sometimes you want to edit your articles on several devices or stay logged in to avoid having to write your name and profile link under each new title. If any of this sounds familiar, meet our new @Telegraph bot.

This simple bot will help you log in and manage your Telegraph posts across any number of devices. In addition, it can give you page view statistics for any post on Telegraph. Just send it a link and watch the numbers roll in.

A Time to Gather Stones

If you have created some Telegraph posts in the past using browsers on your different devices, the @Telegraph bot helps unite them all under your rule.

A time to log in

And a time to gather posts

Simply press the Log in on this device button, and all posts you‘ve previously written in that device’s browser will be added to your Telegraph account.

Telegraph API

Mind you, Telegraph is not intended just for Telegram users. Anyone can use this dead-simple publishing tool. For those who are suffering the constraints of other messengers and can't enjoy the comfort offered by the @Telegraph bot, we have created an open